FALL 2015

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Welcome to the course page for RPOS 386, International Conflict & Security!
This page contains supplemental information and links to course materials.


Tuesday/Thursday (8:45am-10:05am): karreth386.pdf

Office hours Fall 2015

Please make an appointment using this link. I'm always available Tuesday & Thursday, 10:30-11:30am, Humanities B-16, and periodically at other times (see the appointment link).

Class blog

We are using a class blog to post about news and current events related to international conflict & security. The blog is located at In the second week of the semester, I will send invites to your email address to invite you as a blog contributor. On Blackboard, you will find a link to a sign-up sheet for a date when you will post on the blog.

Access to readings

Please see Blackboard for all readings that are not accessible online.

News resources

Please familiarize yourself with at least 3 resources from each section below, and check them frequently. Links on this page do not indicate my unlimited endorsement of the linked sources. I recommend using an RSS reader to easily follow your favorite blogs and news sites. We will talk about managing news sources in the first week of this course.

News sites specifically on politics and foreign affairs: Some blogs on political science and international conflict: News sites Blogs on international relations topics (beyond international conflict & security) Podcasts